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hellllooooooo summertime! Feeling fine and ready to see some smiling faces! Come grab a beer and get some earrings at map brewing on Saturday June 29th!



  • $225.00


Why be dull? Not in these babies. Swish. They are long. They are fun. Turquoise and gold-fill. Approx 7 1/2 inches in length. 

Rough aquamarine gives me chills. And that piece of citrine has them multiplying!! Lightweight.

*I have a total of 3 of these aquamarine/citrine tidy bouncers. They are all super similar, but I only got pictures of one pair. If you aren't too particular- order away! I will get pictures of the others up in a jiffy!*

Just a quick note, if this is your first pair of earrings after getting your ears pierced, it might be a steep earring wearing learning slope. The key to success if the chains get tangled is gentle and loose. Loose is good. The tighter you pull chain, the worse the situation gets. It's a waffle jiggle gentle tug here.