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Cheery cheer! MAP PARTY night is almost here! The most festive night to close out the year- it's my favorite. This Tuesday, December 5th at 5 PM. Hope to see your smiling faces! Also enter to win a silver cuff -winners will be drawn that night!


On the skin.
I tend to lean more scientifically than woo-wah in the magical properties of gemstones department, but I know that I like wearing them where they touch my skin. I just like it! And I have so many.
I've been collecting shiny rocks for a few decades, and depending on your level of 'Type A', the amount of stones could be considered a problem. Some of these stones cost exponentially more than others. But I needed to re-think how I'm doing this. Are these expensive stones doing much for me in dusty drawers or should they be out in the world and I can find new ones?
Option B is what it's gonna be for me. I chose a median price for everything, the highs and the lows. It's time for this collection to fly free.

Hopefully this collection of magic stones will bring some good things into the world.
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