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Returns + Exchanges

Returns + Exchanges

Shoot! Something is going on with your piece. Let's work on it.

This section is interesting. I like to make jewelry that wears well and for a long time. Pieces that have an issue with craftsmanship within 6 months of date of purchase, I will fix immediately. Most of the time I'll fix them within a year of purchase.

I make mistakes sometimes, but I also fix them. Pieces that have been worn everyday for years and are breaking down because of wear and tear, I can't do much about. I wish I could. Please know that I can tell the difference. 

Please please please understand what these materials can handle. Ask! Or Google! For split shank rings, gently adjustable means a couple larger bends to get it to a comfort fit on your finger and then you leave it! Silver is not a rubber band. It will show and then break in stress fractures because on a molecular level, it is just worn out. Hopefully at that point of far, you have some fantastic stories about where that piece has gone and it has some stripes to show what it has gone through. However, I usually cannot fix these breaks without destroying the original setting and building a new. It is such a bummer. That option is expensive. Probably more than the piece originally cost. This is a hard truth for me to convey, but it's the reality. If I had infinite time, and infinite hands, I would fix it for you. I've had one of my split shank rings for 7 years. It's gone whitewater rafting on the Mad Mile at midnight! I got it to the fit I like and then just left it. I don't adjust it often. 

Let's find you something wonderful! Rings especially can be tricky to get the right fit. I'd love to work together to find a solution to get you some good jewels. After some *interesting* experiences, I reserve the right to handle these requests on an individual basis. Most of the time it's super easy and goes just fine. Because of some very special customers, I cannot accept and return multiple pieces until you find the right one. Like, a piece was purchased, not good fit and returned. No problem! But the return isn't quite right so there's a return of the return. And on and on and on. I don't know if stores that have many more employees and resources could handle that, I certainly cannot. 
Some magic numbers are 14 days for a return, 30 days for an exchange. Charging $5 for shipping doesn't cover it. But it's very fun to be able to ship pieces out without exorbitant costs. There is a 10% restocking fee for returns and exchanges. I wish there was little elves for that part, it's not my strongest hat to wear. 
Please be nice. I am not amazon. I will try to do my best! 

For pieces that you just want a return on, reach out and let me know to be on the lookout for them, within 7 days of when you received the piece. Make sure pieces are unworn/unused and are packaged safely (that original box works great against the post office's sorting machines) for returns. I have to charge for pieces damaged in the mail and I don't want to do that. 

Return for Exchange

This is usually the most common way to find your perfect piece. I accept exchanges for most pieces, reach out and we can work on a plan. I like to help find people their perfect piece, but also have had some interactions that have let me know this policy can get abused, so please limit your piece exchanges to 2 pieces, within 30 days of original purchase. Shipping charges will be assessed on a case by case basis, and excess fees have to be paid by customers. 

Sale Returns

All 'Sale' item sales are final. Many pieces in the studio sale have quirks, and I try to disclose these character irregularities, however no returns or exchanges on sale items. 

Mail Considerations:

The mail can be a wild place! It only takes one smashed ring for me to take all the precautions. The boxes I sent pieces out in will get the job done nicely! If you don't have the original box, package pieces in a sturdy box. Write 'non-machinable' and 'fragile' on there to be extra safe. Fly Free is not responsible for items damaged in the mail. 

Packages can be sent to: 

Fly Free Jewelry

P.O. Box 282

Bozeman, MT 59771


Final Thoughts:

Handmade jewelry is a powerful form of self expression that I am proud to make. If the pieces resonate with you, treat them like old dear friends. Be gentle with them. Hand-cut stones are not packed with plastic reinforced resins and other hardening techniques found in mass produced jewelry. That being said, I encourage you to get to know your jewelry. Do some google searching to gain a personal understanding of what your piece can stand.

I wear the jewelry I make everyday, but this wear can cause changes. Be aware of what you want from your pieces. I wear mine to bits, knowing they will break down eventually (Aries) and this is okay with me. There is heartache sometimes; I have lost rings in the river, accidentally rode over earrings with my bike, and other tragedies, most of which could have been avoided if I practiced proper care.  

  • I am a hardcore out door enthusiast and want to wear all my jewelry all the time, will it stand the test of the elements? Avoid crazy scenarios with your handmade jewelry for the longest/best lasting experience. Harsh chemicals, perfumes, lotions, water, body oil, sun exposure, heat exposure, and constant water exposure. Every stone is different. Some can really handle some rugged terrain, and others fall out of their settings after being showered with. So do you have to take your rings on your rafting trip down the Grand Canyon? Maybe. Is there a good chance they might make it out in a different state that when they started? Probably. Choices!