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Gah! Summer is a runaway train. Next up: SLAMFEST! August 3-4 at Bogert park in Bozeman, mt!

How to find stuff on the website

There are drop down menus to search by the big types of personal adornments- earrings, rings, necklaces, cuffs

start typing what stone you are looking for. I am a stonenerd, I like knowing what I am working with. All different stones are tagged!

Chalcedony is probably the stone name that is forgotten the most. If you don't know the exact name of the stone, I've loosely created collections based on colors. They are:

  • Steady - the earthy tones. Browns, grey, blacks, burnt orange, tans
  • Luminosity - the golden tones. Goldenrods, electric yellows, happy oranges, searing reds
  • Dauntless - the viridian tones. Grassy greens, swirling mints, calming sages
  • Abundance - the cerulean tones. Bright blues, sea foams, robin's egg hues
  • Voltaic - the rosy tones. Fiery reds, blushing pinks, vibrant magenta

The joys of handmade pieces! Each ring is measured by hand, so a whole size will populate in the search results. E.g. I have a size 8 1/2 finger. I would search 'size 8' and the rings that come up will be any size from 8 to 8 3/4.

Themes! A way to make a group within the groups that are grouping as the big group

  • Brass Tacks - gifting pieces! Under $100
  • Newbies - here you will find the shop updates to snag the pieces first!
  • Hot pots and hot spots - an ode and a nod to the weird and wonderful phenomenon that is the geothermal activity on our little rock, and the cosmic storms found on the other great orbiters.
  • I am growing

    I feel a part of this story and I get curious. I get inspired, encouraged and reassured. It is a back and forth, helping me understand my emotions as I work with the stones. I hand pick every stone and once they are in the studio the real work begins
  • it's a work in progress

    Some stones come and I know instantly what to do. Other ones need to sit. Sometimes for years. I wonder if they are waiting for my skills to get better, so the home I make for them has the right frequency. Some come out on the bench and wink at me for a couple months, then we decide. It’s a funny little drama happening in here.
  • work that makes me happy to do

    I love making stuff with my hands. I love the connections that have been forged. Through the creative expression of Fly Free, I am growing. I am creating a space in the world that looks a lot more like freedom and has started to feel that way too.
  • thank you

    For just stopping by! For spending time with my art. The connections are the very best part. Thank you for making that happen.