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Gah! Summer is a runaway train. Next up: SLAMFEST! August 3-4 at Bogert park in Bozeman, mt!


Some things have changed. Some things have stayed the same. Echoes from the long ago pasts...

Fossils! Yeeeeow. Ammonites are an ancient cephalopod ancestors of octopus, squid and cuttlefishes. They had a good run for 300 million years, give or take, but didn't make it through the K-Pg extinction event about 66 million years ago. Those are the spiral ones. An incredible piece of dinosaur bone snuck in there though. I feel so lucky to spend time with these ancient pieces, links to our past. 

Set in sterling with gold-fill accents

16 - 18 inches adjustable

  • $215.00
Necklace Style