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Time flies when you are movin! Hello 2024! Got a Galentine's open house planned at the new studio!



  • $425.00

The same, but different.

Nature is neat. Both of these could be called Montana agate. Crystallized SiO2 with inclusions. In one, the main inclusions are manganese visible as floaty dots that probably formed in a pocket of earth for thousands of years ago.  The other is SiO2 but the pocket it decided to crystallize in just happened to be a tree. Channel wood is petrified wood from the Yellowstone basin. Both stones made in Montana, both have grey chalcedony as a foundation of their agate structure. I am also a nerd who spends too much time alone so the moral of the story is if you want to talk rocks, hit me up. 

Set in sterling

Base size 7