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  • $215.00

Going back...

This is a piece of dinosaur bone. Where the light comes through is the cells of the marrow. Where blood and life flowed for a creature that came before. I was told because these cells are so big they would probably be from a big bone- like a leg or femur. Somehow someway this creature had its final rest in an anaerobic environment where air and bacteria were unable to eat away the structure in erosion. Then over the millennia, silica dense water and seepage began to replace the organic matter with silica, creating agate. I am fascinated and honored to work with this stone. 

I pierced the back plate to allow the light in. It won't be as noticeable on a finger, but if you ever need to let some light in, you can. 

Dinosaur bone set in silver with a 14/20 gold-filled band.

Size 7 1/4