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Gah! Summer is a runaway train. Next up: SLAMFEST! August 3-4 at Bogert park in Bozeman, mt!

A Story

I learn from my hands as much as I do through my eyes and ears. This knowledge is recorded in feelings and vibrations, not words or logical sentences. When I work with rocks and crystals I begin to learn their stories and habits that were written across eons, recording the changes and chapters of our world.
I feel a part of this story and I get curious. I get inspired, encouraged and reassured. It is a back and forth, helping me understand my emotions as I work with the stones. I hand pick every stone and once they are in the studio the real work begins. Some stones come and I know instantly what to do. Other ones need to sit. Sometimes for years. I wonder if they are waiting for my skills to get better, so the home I make for them has the right frequency. Some come out on the bench and wink at me for a couple months, then we decide. It’s a funny little drama happening in here. 
I love making stuff with my hands. I love the connections that have been forged. Through the creative expression of Fly Free, I am growing. I am creating a space in the world that looks a lot more like freedom and has started to feel that way too.