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Rollin, rollin, rollin.... down the big river. I am floating the Grand Canyon! whoa. Any orders placed between September 25th and October 13th will be shipped upon my return- after October 14th! Thanks for your patience! I've been practicing my rowing



  • $175.00


Why be dull? Not in these babies. Swish. They are long. They are fun. Turquoise and gold-fill. Approx 7 1/2 inches in length. 

This is the rock and roll group. The pair on the left has a bear. This is wonderful strength to have. The ones in the center look like the ones Bri is wearing and the ones on the right have a herkimer diamond to connect to the sun. All are Medium/light in weight. 

Just a quick note, if this is your first pair of earrings after getting your ears pierced, it might be a steep earring wearing learning slope. The key to success if the chains get tangled is gentle and loose. Loose is good. The tighter you pull chain, the worse the situation gets. It's a waffle jiggle gentle tug here.