Watermelon slice. 

This is tourmaline. They are just so cool. These stones form in long columnar crystals that striate from color to color due in part to irradiation! Seems like I just love that irradiation. Natural radiation from the earth did a little science on the Mn(2) to cause the pink color, and the green comes from 'variations of fluid chemistry' during formations. Learning about tourmalines is a rabbit hole. After getting lost in several pages of weird science, I have decided tourmalines are the octopuses of gems. They could be aliens. It's a case for the FBI. 

This tourmaline was called a 'live edge'. Meaning that every surface is not prim and properly polished. I like a little chaos sometimes and the beauty of this yellow radiating into the pink overcame the overall finish. So I still made it. It is still so beautiful. The surface should not wear any differently than a regularly polished stone. 

Size 7

  • $125.00