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Rollin, rollin, rollin.... down the big river. I am floating the Grand Canyon! whoa. Any orders placed between September 25th and October 13th will be shipped upon my return- after October 14th! Thanks for your patience! I've been practicing my rowing



  • $65.00
Size What's my size?

Let's give'r a goooo. 

Making stacks... of rings! Let's give this a shot. I have a pile of round turquoise cabochons. The smallest stone is 6mm and they grow by 2mm increments to 12mm. You can build a stack of different sizes of stones, all the same stones or just get one! Choose your own adventure rings. Turquoise is a flowing ocean of colors and patterns. I have hand picked each one of these round cabochons, but no two are alike.

These will be made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery!

  • Just a band - $35
  • 6mm turquoise - $65
  • 8mm turquoise - $75
  • 10mm turquoise - $85
  • 12mm turquoise - $115