It's the nature of sweetness to be alluring and mysterious.

These stones were sold to me as rubies, they have many of the same characteristics but something about some of them has been worrying my brain the longer I spend with them. Therefore I am not going to call them rubies if I can't ascertain with 100% certainty that this is what they are. They are a hard material, I can't scratch them with steel, so at least they have the hardness of agate. I was getting tied up in knots about this- it is important to me to be honest and transparent about my materials. 

However instead of just dumping all of these in the recycle pile, I'm calling them pink stones and am going to learn from this experience going forward. I have gone on the rodeo of sad, mad, disheartened with this but then had a moment to be able to appreciate they are still very beautiful. I've not been in this position before but I think communicating is the best was forward. They are very intense in color and glowy regardless of their actual composition. 

Still set in silver with gold-filled accent. 

Size 6 3/4

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