My herd. 

This has been my daily ring, gone down wild rapids, been to rodeos and rock hunting. It lies very flat and doesn’t get in the way.

On my first flying trip after getting my pilot's license, I flew to the coast. It was so fun and a wild trip. I was told that this one place had amazing pie, so pie stop it was. Right next to the diner, was a little antique store, covered in dust and packed full of forgotten treasures. I didn’t have much room in the plane, so I got a handful of these nickels. I haven’t found them since. These are special for me, I hope they become friends to you. Buffalos charge the storm, they don't run. Protective totems.

To cut out of the buffalo is a slow process. Drilling a tiny hole and using an even more tiny saw blade to slowly work around the form. Because the nickel plate is so thick, if you try to be hasty, or shift even slightly from directly perpendicular, the blade snaps. These are labors of love. 

I think the easiest way is to make these to order. Pick your size, and it to your cart, and I will solder a silver band of what size you choose. I only have 5 of these nickels at this time. Please allow a couple extra days for me to get these in the mail, it's a little custom, but still takes time. 

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