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Cheery cheer! MAP PARTY night is almost here! The most festive night to close out the year- it's my favorite. This Tuesday, December 5th at 5 PM. Hope to see your smiling faces! Also enter to win a silver cuff -winners will be drawn that night!



  • $75.00

Oh dang!

I maybe want to keep all of these, but that isn't very gifty of me. Say hello to these glowing, captivating, and honestly CHUNKS of citrine. The power from light, creating sun rays. 

Labradorite + 14/20 gold-fill. 16-18 inches, adjustable

Left: Approx. 3/4 inch wide/long

Center: 1 inch in length, 1/3 inch wide

Right: 3/4 inch in length, 1/2 inch wide