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Rollin, rollin, rollin.... down the big river. I am floating the Grand Canyon! whoa. Any orders placed between September 25th and October 13th will be shipped upon my return- after October 14th! Thanks for your patience! I've been practicing my rowing


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They are here!

But why oh why can't I make such a simple thing simple?! This is the solution for trying to get all the variables mostly sorted, if anyone has any more brilliant suggestions- reach out!

I took a picture of all of the colors together. They are lovely! Hopefully this conveys all the true colors relative to each other! Then this is where it gets tricky. All of these stones are 6mm in diameter, with the silver foot making the total diameter 9.6mm. Every part of the earring that has skin contact is sterling or fine silver.

But I love stones. And thusly I have too many variations. Rosecut stones, faceted stones, cab cut stones. As well as switching up the bezels from fine silver to 14/20 gold fill. I need to chill. So where I landed was a photo of the names of stones next to that pair of studs. If you are very particular about the type of stone cut or bezel type, let me know in the note section at checkout. I hope this makes sense! Suggestions welcome, I've been overthinking these!