The 'Quad O' Sale

Oh dang. 
This is always wild. I haven't done one of these in some time so going through some of these pieces was a fun memory lane. All of the pieces in this sale are characters in some sense. Oopsies, oddballs, oldies or orphans! 
Some of these pieces have 'oopsies' like a cracked stone or an experiment that didn't quite turn out the way they should. So the options are to take apart the whole thing into scrap bits (sad) or do the best to patch up and still give them a chance at the big world. I seal the cracked stones with paleo-bond. A fast glue to get in the nooks and crannies. This should allow the pieces to have a grand time, if a little broken. 
I try to show any flaws in the photos, or disclose them so you can make your own choices. All sale items are final. 
The sale goes live this Sunday, August 22nd at 5 p.m. MST!
See you!