Outline and Overview

Each story is an entry

I want this to be fun and not invasive, if you don't want your story shared, that's okay it's still an entry.

Each entry gets a number 

Good thing I just did taxes and am so good at counting right now

Numbers will be shuffled randomly

I think I can handle the number generator app

3 Winners of $75 website code will be announced on April 16th!

It's party time. 

Tell me a story...

Stories would be the best presents I could ask for in this turbulent year. As I am working away in the studio creating new things, frequently my mind drifts to pieces past. Where are they now? Are they having a good life? Are they forgotten in a drawer? Have they been on an extraordinary adventure? Throughout the years, the stories that have been shared with me, some simple some profound, always make my heart smile. I would love to hear yours, thank you for sharing back to me. Many cheers.

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