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Fly Free Photoshoot Model Call

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A product photoshoot for Fly Free Jewelry, shot by Opal & Ox Photography

May 29th, 2021, 5:00pm - 9:00 pm. We are trying to capture that long evening light, and sunset is at 9:04 pm!

Where my girls at?! This is a new big thing to try out, so thank you for applying! It's crazy on this side too. Can we get to know you a little bit? If the timeframe works for you, and you think you can slay some jewels in photos, we'd love to hear from you.

What we need from you
Yay! Hopefully this is super fun day and we are excited to meet you! Read through what is below and send us an email at with the 5 numbered items below (5 photos too!) and we will get back to you as we can!

Day of Preparation

To make the day go as smooth as possible, here is a basic list of things to bring day of. Some of these things will just help you feel comfortable, since we all like our own clothes anyhow. 

- Pair of boots, heels, sneakers 

- Jeans; any style fitted jeans, bring options. 

- Coat; fun, unique, over the top, statement 

-Basic black and white top; tee, cami, tank

- Hat; fancy, wool, wide brim, trucker 

- One thing that makes you feel free or rebellious or alive 

- Lipgloss // bold lipstick

- Sunglasses 

Day of Preparation: 

- Basic fresh face, consistent matte foundation. 

- Mascara

- Brows- if you usually fill in your brows, do that


Needs and Requirements

Please send us an email with the following info:

  1. 21 + years of age, however, there is no age cap. We would love to see diversity (I'm half Mexican) shapes, sizes, ages. It's the attitude that matters. 
  2. Name, age, location you are coming from!
  3. Five (5) shots of you! Face, full body, your best side, some different emotions! 
  4. Ring sizes (a hand shot would be great if your hand is already in there, but it's not critical!)
  5. Shoe size

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