The love of my life. 

Formed in the Pleistocene Era, these beauties are toppled down from ancient mountainsides that were formed over 160 million years ago. Some Montana agates are older, when they are such characters each, age doesn’t matter as much. 

Montana agates are alluvial deposits, not mined, but fallen and carried by the rivers to be found like fantastic easter eggs. These stones have seen epochs, worn by time and they tell the story of the Earth's changing eras. The true beauty of this land is not told by striking blue mountains always singing in the mountain air, but by the dusky low sagebrush as the old wind settles on the tired hills. You have to see it to love it, but when you do, it never leaves. 

Hope you feel home too. I am very proud of these necklaces. Each one is a special labor of love. I have to wait for the right time to make them. After the stone is set, it is one or two cuts with a very small saw blade by hand to make the whole picture. Metal is a stern medium, if your hand slips or you lose concentration for even a second, the picture can be destroyed and you have to start again. It is a careful and sweet process. Calm steady breaths and mountains on the mind. The way the shadows creep over the north side of the ridges, the alpenglow, the collections of trees and rocks. And thinking about the light coming through the Montana agate that will take the picture to a whole new place of beauty.

These necklaces have some of the most of my artistry and craftsmanship, a translation from 2-D into an almost 3-D picture.  

Handcut Montana agate, set in sterling on thick chain. Any link can be used to adjust length, 16-20 inches long.

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